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Anti Pretty

Anti Pretty is another alternative modeling site that features girls that are involved with dark photoshoots. They explain that they’re different from Suicide Girls because, “we not only like the alternative personality and body types but we make every model an art project and don’t shy away from alternative methods. With a rocking – anything goes – type attitude we’re a little more open-minded and open-ended, we’ll do a photoshoot and turn your masterpiece photos into posters, clothes, portfolios whatever. Rather than just a place to dump your static photos we go a step further.”

They’re not a high-end glossy showcase. Their sets get down and dirty with a variety of cameras in unique setting and shoots. Did I mention that the site features men as well? I came across an interesting “Swamp Thing” photoset with a male model named “Rasputin.” You can see his photo in the slide show. They also feature a handful of sets of girls with guns! These aren’t very professional sets but if you love art as much as I do, you’ll weed out the bad and enjoy the good. I found some good in If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing about them. Every month they feature a new “Miss Anti-Pretty.” Sounds like this is the place to go if you’re turn down from Suicide Girls. It looks like they’re a little behind though because the last girl they featured was Miss September 2011: Alecto Mania. She’s young and fresh though! Only 21 and three years in modeling. She says that she doesn’t see herself as a model but a Fucking work of art! They listed her achievements on the site:

Lt Mag – 2011
Mutilador Mag – 2010
Metal Queens Book – March 2011
Rapport National newspaper – 2010
Inked Angels Feature – Released soon
Peroxide and Garlic homepage model winner – 2010 Tutu Model
Rotten Candi Gstring Model
Deadbabes Editor in running 2011 (Shutdown)
Lt Mag Poetry Writer 2010













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