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My husband and I rarely agree on anything but one thing we do agree on is hot chicks and pot! Marijuana, weed, pot, dope, Mary Jane, hash, whatever you want to call it. It’s awesome. Not all the girls on this site are that attractive but a lot of them get my vote. Recently, the website promoted a new book called NAKED GIRLS SMOKING WEED. They explain it’s a hardcore, coffee table book of Marijuana facts and photography that features hundreds of naked ladies smoking dope. Their goal is to decriminalize hemp and marijuana for medicine and natural resources.

“We’re on a Mission from Mother Nature!”

“The hottest new stoner book is Naked Girls Smoking Weed, a compilation from For the uninitiated, that’s a website with thousands of nude photos of stoners worldwide: girl-next-door chicks hitting bongs; porn stars posed in grow rooms; and natural beauties holding bountiful buds. This book is surprisingly good in a number of ways. The design and layout are clean and obviously not cut rate (it’s hardcover); text only comes in the form of short, non-distracting quotes dispersed throughout; and the women cover all bases from gorgeous babes to cute girls, sexual sirens to innocent pin-ups. Some are clearly stoner girlfriends toking in the bedroom, while others are obviously professional models in large grow rooms or with huge bongs.”

Each month they select a new girl to be 420 Girl of the Month. Tanya James is this months girl. This beauty is 5’11” and her boobage measures 32C. How does she feel about Marijuana?

“Marijuana should be legal because it’s harmless. Innocent people are going to jail for one joint, and the real bad guys are still out running the streets!”

Tanya James says, “I prefer to vaporize. It’s a different kind of high and I find it more enjoyable than the high I get from actually smoking it.”



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